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The best bespoke suits available. All suits £5000.

Lord James Bespoke Suits

Here at Lord James ( home of The DreamCoat and Gold Suits ), we specialise in Bespoke Suits, and in particular Bespoke Suits in London.

Every Bespoke Suit we make is individually hand-cut, individually made in England and hand-finished.

All of our Bespoke Suits have a Full Floating Canvas, Real-Cut Working Cuffs, Horn Buttons, Perspiration Pads and a Luxury Suit Lining.  We recommend our orange or gold suit lining to really stand out.

Our tailors have worked on bespoke suits for many of the top Savile Row tailors.

On average will spend at least around 35 hours making your Bespoke Suit, which make our suits some of the Best Bespoke Suits available.

Personalised Bespoke Suits

Thanks to the creative talent of our skilled professionals, all of our Bespoke Suits can be tailored to your specific requirements.  For example, you may wish to add:

–     Flash Gauntlet Cuffs; or

–     Coloured Cuff/Lapel/Front Buttonholes.

For our Bespoke Suits, we don’t offer a ‘house bunch’.  We favour the highest quality fabrics from the likes of: Dormeuil, Dugdale Bros, Harrisons of Edinburgh, Reid & Taylor, Scabal, Taylor & Lodge and William Halstead.

Bespoke Suits London – English Visiting Tailors

Although we are based in London, we are Visiting Tailors in London.  Our tailors will visit you at your home or office in London and discuss the options that are available for our bespoke tailored suits.  At the same time they will then take your measurements and subsequently arrange a forward fitting when the baste fitting is ready.  Finally, there will then be a final fitting and the whole process usually takes around 8 weeks.  

The Lord James Challenge

Go to the Google search screen and type in the term: ‘Bespoke Suits’ and on the results screen click images.  These results should show some of the best results for bespoke suits in the market place today.  Then go to our Gallery and decide for yourself which: (1) has the better cloth; (2) has the better lining; and (3) has the greatest impact and generally looks better.