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Gold Bespoke Suits

This week our bespoke suits blog is focusing on luxury bespoke suit linings.

We offer 24 carat gold pinstripe bespoke suits.

This is one of the ultimate suiting fabrics for your bespoke suits.  This would be ideal for any special occasions.

The bespoke suit fabric is an ultra fine Super 150 wool wool fabric.  The gold is then incorporated into the Super 150 as pinstripes. We have around fifteen high quality and different fabrics available to choose from.  These range from 22 and 24 carat gold to 24 carat gold and platinum which are all made in England.

Gold has always been scarce and gold bespoke suits are even rarer.  This fabric gives our clientele a really unique way to stand out in style.  The RRP of a gold bespoke suit would be around £15,000.  But here at Lord James, we sell them at a more affordable price of £4,000.