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The Best Bespoke Suits

We often get asked for our opinion on bespoke suits and what we would recommend to our customers.
In this blog, we have decided to set out in 5 short steps the options we would choose if we could only purchase one bespoke suit and these are as follows:
  1. We would choose a single breasted bespoke suit.  We would opt for notch instead of a peak lapel and we would only have a one button single breasted bespoke suit.  In respect of the lapel button holes, we would suggest two on the left hand side or one either side of the lapel (after all this is a bespoke suit).  For extra pomp you could always go for three. 
  1. In respect of the cuff buttons, four cuff buttons has been the standard on bespoke suits for a number of decades now.  However, as many suits now have four buttons on the cuff as standard, we would recommend going for five buttons as shown in the attached picture.  We feel that five buttons show the uniqueness of the suit, adds value to the standard look, and isn’t too extraverted and doesn’t look out of place at work or outside of work.  We would also recommend the gauntlet flash cuff which we have pioneered and have produced a separate blog on. 
  1. To push the boat out we can offer an extra 9 hours of hand finishing by adding hand raised seams.  If you have your bespoke suit half-lined, this will add an extra 10 hours.  If you opt opt for one of our bespoke sports/shooting jackets this will add an additional 15 hours of hand finishing.  And if you add gauntlet cuffs that will add another 3 hours of work on your bespoke suit taking the total time from 35 hours to around 73 hours of specialist bespoke tailoring.  
  1. As you will know, we only sell the best bespoke suit linings and all of our bespoke suits come with such linings as standard and at no additional cost.  In particular, we would recommend here the jacquard tangerine butterflies lining as it’s one of the brightest and loudest linings we’ve ever come across, is extremely photogenic and sets you out immediately from the crowd whilst maintaining that look of exclusivity and importance.                              
  1. For the trousers, we would suggest forward pleats without turn-ups and one pocket on the back right hand side of the trousers.