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The Revival of The Gauntlet Cuff and The New Gauntlet ‘Flash’ Cuff – Bespoke Suits

Here at Lord James we are always trying to add value to our customers bespoke suits.

In relation to the bespoke suit cuff, we’ve think we’ve finally found the ultimate solution in our passion of fashion.

First, we’ve always been a big fan of the gauntlet cuff which is rarely seen these days.  The reason being is the traditionally the gauntlet cuff is too long and perhaps ‘too much’ to be worn in the workplace.  Having said that if you look carefully in Wall Street 2 you will see Gordon Gekko wearing one.

To bring the gauntlet cuff into the twenty first century, we have reduced its size to 1 and 1/2 inches which is just enough to add some flare and style to the suit cuff without it distracting from the suit or its wearer.  We would love to revive the gauntlet cuff in the City.  Infact, we recommend to all our customers that they consider it as an option.

Now, we have gone a stage further and added the ‘flash cuff’ design within the gauntlet cuff.  The overall finish is the half gauntlet with flash cuff as shown in the attached picture which gives the wearer two additional options to their bespoke suit just on the cuff alone.

Please add £45 to your order for the Flash Gauntlet Cuff.