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What is The Savile Row fit? – Bespoke Suits

The Savile Row Fit/West End Finish

We often get asked for a slim fitting bespoke Suit or a bespoke suit with an itialian fit.  There’s nothing quite like a well fitted bespoke suit.

What are customers are really asking for here is what’s known as a bespoke suit with a contemporary fit rather than a classic look.

Also known as the: Savile Row look/finish/style it’s also known in the industry as the west-end finsih or the slim fit look.


So, what is this Savile Row fit look.  Well firstly, the armpits on a Svaile Row finished bespoke suit are slightly higher than the classic bespoke suit finish.  Secondly, the waist is taken in to really fit the customer, thus showing off the slimness of the customer’s frame.  Thirdly, the skirt of the bespoke suit then comes out a little to give an overall classic coca-cola bottle look.

It’s worth noting that this look only works on a slim frame.  Here at Lord James, we have perfected this style and look as shown in the photo.