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Bespoke Suits - Visiting Tailors

Bespoke Suits – Visiting Tailors

What are visiting tailors?

We decided to offer our visiting tailor for a variety of reasons.

  • We found that in the City, many bankers, lawyers, management consultants, accountants and surveyors (to name a few) don’t have time during the day to actually visit a tailor to be measured up for a bespoke suit.

As you will have three fittings, having to set aside time during your working day drags the whole process out and may result in it taking a lot longer in you finally acquiring your bespoke suit.  With our visit tailor service we work around our customers, so that we can visit them at lunchtime or just after work in their office or at the weekend in the comfort of their own home.

  • Secondly, not having a shop (which is limited to its locality) keeps the costs of overheads down, which can then be passed onto our customers.  As many leases for commercial property in the City contain upward only rent reviews, these increasing rents are often passed onto the customer either in cost or in the reduction of the quality of the suit.

Consequently, we are therefore not under any pressure to hard-sell any of our suits, nor and more importantly reduce the quality of our bespoke suits, nor do we have them made abroad which many of our competitors have been forced to do.

Bespoke Suits - Visiting Tailors