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Bespoke Horn Buttons

What buttons should be worn on a bespoke suit?

Bespoke Suit Buttons

The answer here is horn buttons (usually made from deer antlers).


All of our bespoke suits come with horn buttons.

As you can see from the picture above we have all sorts of styles of horn buttons and in particular, you can select from polished (gloss) or unpolished (matt).

How Many?


We would recommend that you go for 5 on the sleeve, it makes the wearer look slightly more important and stylish than one with 4.  To show off your bespoke suit, we have noticed that many wearers are now wearing their suits with one button undone at the end of the suit sleeve.


In respect of the front of the jacket, we recommend one or two buttons a single breasted suit and if pressed, we would opt for one button.

Bespoke Horn Buttons

Bespoke Horn Buttons