Bespoke Suits

Every Bespoke Suit is individually hand-cut, individually made and individually hand-finished in England.

We sell one premium product that can be produced in many different styles.

Lord James London

The best bespoke suits available. All suits £1,995.

Specialists in Bespoke Suits

We sell some of the best bespoke suits in London and specialise in:

–     Gold Bespoke Suits (22-24 Carat Gold) (i.e. gold pinstripes) – £5,000;

–     Platinum Bespoke Suits – £5,000;

–     The DreamCoat Sports Jacket;

–     Diamond Bespoke Suits (Bespoke Suits that contain diamond fragments) – £5,000;

–     Personalised Bespoke Suits (i.e. your name or company name or slogan in the pinstripes) – £5,000;

–     Super 200s & Chinchilla & Vicuna Bespoke Suits;

–     Super 200s & Silk Bespoke Suits;

–     Super 250s Bespoke Suits;

–     Lapis Lazuli Bespoke Suits;

–     Yangir Bespoke Suits;

–     Vicuna Bespoke Suits;

–     Mohair Bespoke Suits;

–     Escorial Bespoke Suits;

–     Half Lined Bespoke Suits;

–     Summer Bespoke Suits (8-10 oz);

–     Tweed Bespoke Jackets/Tweed Sports Coats and Tweed Shooting Jackets;

–     The Rockstar Bespoke Suit;

–     Winter Bespoke Suits (12-14 oz);

–     Bespoke Wedding Suits;

–     Bespoke Jacketing and Sports Jackets;

–     Water Resistant Bespoke Suits; and

–    Made to Measure Suits.